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Digitization Programme of the Belgian Science Policy

Project BELSPO
Belgian Science Policy


DIGIT, the Digitization Programme of the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO), aims to support the Belgian federal museums, libraries and archives with the digitization of their cultural and scientific patrimony. DIGIT stimulates maximum synergies between the 10 different Federal Scientific Institutions and the Royal Belgian Film Archives (CINEMATEK) . This is done by, amongst other things, streamlining common digitizing activities within these institutions and the sharing of knowledge, equipment, infrastructures and resources.

Why is this important?
Large parts of these collections are fragile because the materials/the carriers were never meant to last forever. Digitizing those artifacts ensures that they will be preserved for future generations;

Digitized collections allow new and more intense scientific research, without the need to touch and manipulate the original pieces;

Digitization allows the institutions to provide online access to their collections to a large national and international public, increasing the visibility and potential impact of these valuable Belgium heritage collections.