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Image Studio

chevaux en porcelaine

Many digital images of our museum objects can be downloaded free of charge from the Carmentis online catalogue.

However, if you prefer a high resolution photo (TIFF on average ca. 5000x7000 pixels), you can request it through the order form below. If this image is already in our file, we will send it to you free of charge. If a digital photo is not available, we can make one for you at cost price: € 125. Please request the image by filling out the form below.

Name and address of the client

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Guidelines - General conditions

  • When using a digital image of the objects of the RMAH, we appreciate if you would cite the museum, as well as – where possible – the inventory number. This information will be supplied together with the visual material.
  • If the artist is still alive or passed away less than seventy years ago, the artist, his heirs or legal representatives can claim copyright in/on the reproduction of the work of art. More information about the right of use is available, among other places, on the UNISONO website. The RMAH is not responsible for any claims by third parties with regard to copyrights or any other rights based on works whose reproductions have been supplied to the applicant.
  • If the RMAH themselves hold the copyright to a protected work, the applicant should obtain permission for use/publication from the RMAH. In general, this permission will  be granted through a CC-BY license ( 4.0/ legalcode)
  • For our Library we would like to receive a free copy of the publication / edition in which our images appeared. You can send it to : Royal Museums of Art and History, Image Studio, Parc du Cinquantenaire  10, 1000 Brussels (Belgium) or  (in case of digital publications).