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Bodies & Voices 23-24 // closing performance

After several months of participatory workshops in contemporary dance and signed vocal music, come and experience the collective and inclusive creation of unique instant performances in real time by 25 dancers and 25 singers of all ages and backgrounds, working in dialogue with 4 professional artists* in the majestic space of the great narthex at the A&H Musée, in resonance with the architecture and spirit of the Museum.

About Bodies & Voices 
Through body and voice, let’s explore themes of trust, connection, cooperation and how to shape a different future.
In Chinese, the word weiji, composed of 2 characters, means both 'crisis' and 'possibility'. In recent years, we have been confronted with a health crisis, terrorist attacks, war, the climate crisis and globally increasing sense of unease and anxiety.
This project aims to mark a turning point, to restore trust and work towards connection, to find pleasure and satisfaction in cocreation and expression in the both accessible and secure surroundings of museums.

In Brussels, at the heart of Europe, the Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH) spark curiosity and wonder for the worlds that women and men have made. It’s mission? To connect people, art and history.

The exhibition JOSEF HOFFMANN: Beyond Beauty and Modernity and the museum's architectural space form the context as well as the starting point of the creation process.

Cie Marie Martinez & Artistes / La Loba Productions asbl  - choregraphy en danse
Celia Tranchand – composition, conducting and vocals

concept and choregraphy
composition, conducting and vocals
Alexandra FLAMENT
Myriam DOM
Art historian

15:00 à 16:00 - session 1
16:00 à 17:00 - session 2

Free performances, attend with a museum ticket, without reservation!

With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles