Welcome to Little Life

family day
Sun 28-01-2018

Welcome in the world of little things. Children aged 4 to 10 explore five rooms in five different workshops. Working with paper, salt dough, textiles, wire, natural and reusable items we move from kitchen to bathroom.

HOUSE FOR SALE - family tour
10:30 & 13:30 (NL) / 11:15 & 14:15 (FR)         
Stow all your favourite things in a 2x2 cm moving box. We’re going to live in a dollhouse! What can your things tell us about who you are?

Drop-in workshops from kitchen to bathroom
10:30 - 16:30

Dolly’s garden
Dolly would love a summer terrace – or a winter garden! Sized to the little umbrella in her cocktail glass and designed with a shovel measuring 1 x 1 cm. (+4)

Pastry and cake
What do dolls like? Croissants, scones, cake? Roll up your sleeves and help us create a salt dough  banquet. Not for eating, but certainly yummy to look at! (+4)

Lounging in the bath
Having a nice soak in a luxury bathtub made out of a sardine tin: only when you’re a doll! And while you’re at it, we also need a dressing table and a toilet with matching toilet paper. (+6) 

Pillow-fight to scale 1:10
The dolls and the bears had a pillow-fight. All the linen needs to be repaired: small pillows and blankets on the sewing machine. (+7)

Elegant living
Living in style: paintings, candelabras, pretty books and vases. For this workshop we reuse only the best stuff: the Chanel powder-box, the caps of perfume bottles, champagne corks … (+6)

Tea party with dolly and teddy
Why don’t you get started setting the table, we’ll be by with tea and biscuits! (+4)


We’ll meet…
In the dollhouse: photoshoot with all your self-made goodies(+4)
In the cosy corner: a quiet spot, also for the littlest ones (+0)

Who’s welcome?
Everyone: kids from 4-10 and their (grand)parents

10:30 – 16:30          

Children from 4 years: € 6 – accompanying adults: € 7 / 5
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