Welcome to Little Life

family day
Sun 07-10-2018

Welcome in the world of small things! Build your very own dollhouse (and inhabitants!) using paper, cardboard, ink and textiles through four drop in workshops for children aged 4 to 10.  Try folding, cutting, painting, stamping, sowing and more – what do you like best?


HOUSE FOR SALE - family tour
10:30 & 13:30 (NL) / 11:15 & 14:15 (FR)         
Stow all your favourite things in a 2x2 cm moving box because we’re going to live in a dollhouse! What can your things tell us about who you are?


LET’S BUILD A HOUSE! – Drop in workshops for children aged 4 to 10
10:30 - 16:30

Structural work 
A large cardboard box and a little help from mum or dad et voilà: your very own dollhouse! (all)

Put some colour on those walls
putting up homemade wallpaper or painting?, it’s your choice! (+ 4)

How about some furniture
choose, colour and fold: instant stylish living (+4)

Meet your new neighbours
say hello to the peg doll family! Will you make dad, grandma or little sister? Don’t forget the (felt) family pet! There: your house is complete! (+ 6)


Let’s meet at…
the doll’s café
for tea and biscuits with Dolly and Teddy (+0)
the cosy corner to settle down, play and relax (+0)


Aimed at
children aged 4 to 10 and their (grand)parents

10:30 – ca 16:30          

children (4+): € 6 – accompanying adult: € 7 / 5

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Halle Gate
150 boulevard du Midi
1000 Brussels