VIIIth International Conference on Indigenous Textiles of the Americas

18th to 22nd of March 2019, Art & History Museum, Brussels, Belgium

This conference is a continuation of Victoria Solanilla’s commitment to organizing a PreColumbian textile conference in Barcelona every three years. Then there were the organizations of the conference in Paris, at the Quai Branly and more recently at the Centre for Textile Research de Copenhagen.  Now we propose to hold the next conference in Brussels, during the great exhibition about the textiles and ornaments in the Andes (INCA - Dress Code).

Following the example of the last meetings, this conference concerns not only the pre-Columbian textiles, but also the historic and ethnographical textiles produced by the Native nations.

We invite the colleagues and the students to propose papers on the last researches concerning the Indigenous textiles on diverse perspectives: archaeology, ethnohistory, ethnology, anthropology, art history, museology, preservation, reconstruction, etc.

Papers will be presented in Spanish or English; they should be no more than 30 minutes in length.