Temporary closure Art & History Museum

The Art & History Museum is reinventing itself. Earlier we introduced a new name, now we are taking care of our buildings. If you’ve recently visited the Museum you probably noticed: we’re renovating. Because of these works we’ll be closing our doors to the public for a short period of time.

A refreshed museum, ready for the 21st century, with a mission to provide our visitors with a better museum experience. That’s the goal for the transformation started in 2018: a new name, a new approach, a new strategy and renovations. We want to give the biggest museum in Belgium a makeover and we want to enable our visitors to rediscover the treasures and priceless collections  we have to offer.

These kind of renovations come with some hindrance: the museum will be closed starting on Monday the 25th of June up until the 17th of July. In the weeks prior to closing some exhibition halls will be less accessible or even be closed altogether for preparatory works. We advise visitors who are planning a visit to check our website. We plan to reopen our museum to the public on Wednesday the 18th of July.