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The Royal Museums of Art and History are comprised of 4 museums : the Art & History Museum, the Musical Instruments Museum, the Halle gate, and the Museums of the Far East.  Every day, our 300 colleagues put their heart and soul into the conservation, study, and presentation of the heritage entrusted to us.

Our work is dependent on a financial allocation from the federal government, revenue from ticket sales, donations from individuals who enjoy our museums. Unfortunately, the funding from the federal government has been reduced and is not predicted to increase again in the coming years.

We therefore wish to call on you to help us to continue to provide high quality services .

Every donation, not matter how big or small, allows us to continue to work on our museums and their collections in which we take great pride.

Would you like to become one of our partners and support us? Make a donation or contact our Collecte de Fonds and Mécénat department: Bart Suys | - +32 (0)2741 72 13.

Donations can be sent to the account number BE22 3101 4238 2447 using the name ‘Royal Museums of Art and History'.

Donations are tax deductible at €40 and over. 

Should you wish to support us by other means, you are of course welcome to and any and all assistance is appreciated. Simply e-mail us at

Thank you in advance !