Sponsoring for an amount of 25.000 €

• 2 vip events (a private viewing for 50 persons and a package nocturne for 200 persons)

• your logo

  • your logo on the website and Facebook page of the exhibition
  • on the banners on the outside of the museum
  • on a personalised roll-up at the exit of the exhibition
  • in the colophon at the end of the exhibition.
  • on the brochures and flyers promoting the exhibition
  • in the press file

• our acknowledgments for your support during the official opening speech of the director of the Museum

• entrance tickets and catalogues of the exhibition

  • 12 duo tickets for the official opening
  • 5 duo tickets for the vvip opening
  • 25 entrance tickets for the exhibition
  • 12 catalogues of the exhibition
  • 1 guided tour for your guests (1 x 15p)