Research on the Pre-Columbian mummies at the Royal Museums for Art and History (IRAM)

In the framework of a scientific project (Interdisciplinary Research on Andean mummies - IRAM) led by researcher Caroline Tilleux and Serge Lemaitre, curator of the collections America, a number of mummies are subjected to a medical examination. The initiative, which is supported by the Jean-Jacques Comhaire Fund (King Baudouin Foundation), aims to improve the knowledge of the individuals who ended up in our Belgian collections 175 years ago! The RMAH researchers hope to be able to find information about their age, sex, the period and the culture in which they lived, their possible cause of death, injuries and illnesses to which they suffered, their diet and geographical origin.

The Pre-Columbian mummies of the Royal Museums for Art and History thus go under the scanner in the Cliniques universitaires Saint-Luc. The most famous of them was recently examined. This mummy inspired Hergé for his character Rascar Capac in albums ‘The Seven Crystal Balls’ and ‘Prisoners of the Sun’.

The results will be made available in different forms (publications, conferences). There is  a website about the project with regular updates:

(23 March 2017)