Traveling exhibition

La Porta dei Sacerdoti - I Sarcofagi Egizi di Deir El-Bahari

Exhibition and Live restoration

Galleria Civica Montevergini
Siracusa (Sicilia)


The exhibition La Porta dei Sacerdoti - I Sarcofagi Egizi di Deir El-Bahari is now on show in the Galleria Civica Montevergini at Siracusa (Sicilia) until 7 November 2017 and it already is a great success.

This exhibition is based on our exhibition Sarcophagi - Under the stars of Nut presented in 2015-2016 at the Cinquantenaire Museum. The exhibition features precious artefacts from the Egyptian Collection of the Royal Museums of Art and History in Brussels with the intention to taking the visitor back in time to Ancient Egypt, when the priests of the temple of Amon ruled southern Egypt.

All the finds on display belong to a little-known period in Egyptian civilisation, the Third Intermediate Period corresponding to the 21st Dynasty (1070-900 B.C.). They come from the Second Cache of Deir el-Bahari, commonly known by its modern name "Bab el-Gasus (The Gate of the Priests)", hence the title of the exhibition. 

It is an incredible complex of tombs discovered accidentally in 1891 in which no less than 450 sarcophagi and an incalculable number of burial furnishings were unearthed.

The exhibition places exceptional artefacts in their historical context. A journey full of testimonies and documentation that guides visitors to the 'Hall of the Sarcophagi', where they can admire the preciousness and decorations of such beautiful artefacts.

The public can observe and learn about the main features of the sarcophagi from both a material point of view (construction, colours, paints, etc.) and a conceptual point of view related to the survival in the afterlife as conceived by the Egyptians in the 21st Dynasty.

The public can also witness an expert Italian restoration team at work as they restore the coffins of the Theban priests that were discovered in 1891 in the Second Cache of Deir el-Bahari one by one.

A must see!


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