How to use Carmentis ?

Carmentis: aims and use

Carmentis is the online museum catalogue of the Royal Museums of Art and History (RMAH), presenting the digitized objects of our diverse permanent collections that range from Egyptian objects to musical instruments from the Musical Instrument Museum to the collection of historic carriages based in the Museum of the Cinquantenaire.
Carmentis is named after the Roman goddess of childbirth, who was associated with technological innovation and the invention of the Latin alphabet.

What is in Carmentis?

RMAH are, as many colleague museums, enlarging access to their collections through the use of Internet. Digital access offers the possibility to present larger numbers of objects than would be possible in the museum rooms, thus adding depth to collections and putting objects in perspective.
RMAH’s policy is to provide access to the online collections as soon as relevant data becomes available. By doing so, Carmentis provides access to a continuously growing number of digitized objects. Because of the scale and variety of the RMAH collections, the available information on collections, objects and accompanying images is diverse.

Search through the collections

Carmentis offers a full text or simple search option as well as an advanced search that allows the user to focus on a specific collection and/or set of objects of your interest. The user can generate overviews of the collections with online material by selecting the collection dropdown list in the advanced search module. Filtering options allow the user to search on object descriptions with or without image or to select a term from the structured thesauri and dropdown lists. Not all collections of the RMAH have been digitized or published completely on Carmentis, which implies that the search results depend on the published materials and richness of the data available. The Search tips and Help function in the advanced search offer more guidance on how to use the advanced search module.


RMAH are proud to present Carmentis in French, Dutch and English, thanks to the use of multilingual structured thesauri and controlled lists developed by in-house specialists.

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Though RMAH take every effort to continuously improve the information published on the online catalogue Carmentis, the richness of the data and quality of the photographs may vary from record to record. RMAH disclaim all warranties, express or implied, as to the accuracy of the information provided. The materials published on this site shall at all times constitute work in progress which may change without notice. RMAH shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your use of or reliance on the information published on Carmentis.