Nocturne INCA Dress Code

Brussels Museums Nocturnes
Thu 06-12-2018

Dive into the exciting and adventurous world of the Inca! Discover their textiles, jewelry and ironwork and the role they played in daily live, religious rites and offerings. A multitude of activities offers both children and grownups the chance to discover this lost South American culture!


5pm -9:30pm   Kidslounge / The lama of Saint Nicholas (6 > 14 years)
                        Inca Youth Code: Children guide children & adults - 15 min - NL & FR


7pm             Serge Lemaitre talks about the ‘best of’ ‘Inca Dress Code’ of Inca Dress Code - FR


Follow the guide & Meet the curator

6pm    FR – Meet the curator
7:30pm    EN gallery talk & NL rondleiding (45 min)
8pm    FR - Meet the curator

8:30pm    EN gallery talk & NL rondleiding (45 min)
9pm    FR – Meet the curator    

Demonstration weaving on a backstrap loom
6pm - 10pm (non stop)


Thursday 6th December 2018, 5pm - 10pm

€ 4 / 2 (-26 years)

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