Museum Night Fever

The Cinquantenaire Museum: revisited & by night!
Sat 07-03-2015

XL’J (the Ixelles youth centre) is the Cinquantenaire’s partner in a dazzling piece of programming. Find out where these young artists drew their inspiration from and take a walk through the magical Lascaux caves or the rich and varied collections of the museum. Through photo & video, screen printing, (live) graffiti and breakdance they light up the museum by night!

Feeling peckish? Then indulge in some typically Belgian french fries and/or a hamburger from the food truck at the entrance of the museum.

19:00 – 23:00 (drop in - outside)
Across the time
It’s evening, getting dark and it’s quite cold – you are almost at your destination when… you realise the programme has already started! A live graffiti performance takes you on a journey through time. Maybe you should stay outside a little while longer ?

19:00-01:00 (drop in - entrance hall)
In the beginning…
Well well, what’s happening here ? Graffiti, photo, breakdance, screen printing, games, interactions… Check out the world exclusive video documentary: the MAKING OFF.

20:30 & 21:30 & 23:00 (Great Narthex)
Back to the age
Discover a colorful breakdance performance by Step by Step! You will see before you a museum guard, a cleaning person and several sculptures. You can come closer, but they won’t see you… The first musical notes float to the surface and at that very moment you will find out what happens every night!

19:00-01:00 (drop in - Great Narthex)
Live painting
The Museum collections as seen by young artists: a mix of materials and graphical methods inspired by the prehistoric world, Antiquity, Asian civilisations and art deco. Get your hands dirty in our creative workspace!

19:00-01:00 (drop in - Great Narthex)
Memory Stilistik
Memory check! Challenge yourself and others and play Memory Stilistik, an memory game for art lovers.  Find pairs by comparing artistic styles. This way you can discover prehistoric and gothic treasures as well as a wealth of artifacts of Antiquity, ancient Egypte, America, Papoua New-Guinea and South-Asia. Happy trails!

19:00-01:00 (drop in - Great Narthex)
'La belle, la brute et la bûche’
Come and look at new work by young photographers inspired by nature and women; the woods and the human form. The artists concentrated on two distinct concepts. On the one hand woman as object, on the other hand the surplus of material we create, material that reverts back to nature once it has served its purpose.

19:00-01:00 (drop in - Great Narthex)
Step in to the world of today’s young people and discover what they are up to by deciphering their engravings, images, words and sensations. Make yourself comfortable; play a game of checkers or dominos. Engage them, interact. Finally, take home a piece of their story by way of a postcard.

19:00 - 22:00
Guided tours

Our neighbours, the Museum of the armed forces and Auroworld, also participate in MNF! Take the Old Timer shuttle for easy access to all three venues (19:00-22:00 / free)