Multilingual Terminological Research for the Development of Semantically Enriched Thesauri

MULTITA is a project on thesauri and multilingualism that grew from the need for standardized, enriched and multilingual thesauri for the cultural heritage sector in Belgium. Many Belgian cultural institutions use their own terminologies, whether a simple word list or a full thesaurus. These thesauri are often tailor-made for the collections of the institution and do not always converge with those of other institutions – which means that their collections cannot be attuned.
The main goal of the MULTITA project was to enrich and align the terminologies of the project partners and to create multilingual, scientific micro-thesauri about a specific domain, developed according to international thesaurus standards. The project has learned us about difficulties and challenges that occur when translating or developing thesauri.
Key words: thesauri, multilingualism, thesaurus management tool, SKOS

For more information, download the text or click here (link to the on the Belspo website)