Lithic Impressions

From Stone to Ink on Paper
Sat 11-05-2019

Lithic Impressions: From Stone to Ink on Paper is an itinerant project that departed from the wish to explore the toolkit of the Chinese antiquarian, especially the technique of full scale replication by rubbing.


10:30 Gallery talk and rubbing session of a Tang dynasty epitaph
Location: Chinese Galleries, Royal Museum of Art and History
by Lia Wei (Renmin University of China) and Zhang Qiang (Sichuan Fine Arts Institute)

This talk presents a series of steles collected by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Brussels, in dialogue with rubbings by Lia Wei and Zhang Qiang from similar periods and different contexts. The category of ‘steles’ is here taken in a wide sense, encompassing early imperial funerary carvings, medieval pictorial steles, 7th century epitaphs and even funerary bricks. Several types of script will be encountered, each adapted to a certain format, function, time period or geographic provenance: the free-style engraved characters of Eastern Han funerary monuments that differs from strict clerical style practiced in the Imperial capital, the dynamic, axe-cut style of the Northern dynasties, usually found in dedicatory inscriptions accompanying the production of Buddhist images, and the regular, carefully balanced script of the great Tang, in the classical format of epitaphs. Pictorial and epigraphic carvings from the field, rubbed from unmoveable cliffs and caves, are compared to the more standardised production of steles.

At the occasion of Lithic Impressions, 7th century epitaph on display in the galleries will be rubbed, for the public to better understand the technique and its cultural underpinnings.

12:00 Open day of Institut Belge des Hautes Etudes Chinoises (IBHEC)
Location: Institut Belge des Hautes Etudes Chinoises China Library, Royal Museum of Art and History

At the occasion of its 90th anniversary, IBHEC opens its doors to the public. An ideal way for one to discover the Institute’s well-provided library on the visual arts and material culture of ancient China, Chinese literature, philosophy, Buddhism and Taoism, as well as its archive of rare books and manuscripts. Over the years, IBHEC has continuously provided library services, conferences, courses of Chinese language, calligraphy or painting, as well as the publication of the Mélanges Chinois et Bouddhiques

14:00 A report on the rubbing field school in Mount Tai, Shandong province
Location: Salle de Conférences, Royal Museum of Art and History
Simone Schuiten (ESA St-Luc), PENG MEiling (IBHEC)
Teachers in graphic design and illustration from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts St-Luc
Students in calligraphy and Chinese painting from Institut Belge des Hautes Etudes Chinoises

11 May 2019
10.30 - 17.00

€10 / €8 / €4 / free for - 18 year
(included in the ticket for the Museum)

Ink Week and the exhibition Lithic Impressions
Lia Wei: