Kids' Art Day

The Vikings are coming!
Sun 17-11-2019

But we’ll stand our ground! Travelling through the Middle Ages we will meet at the crossroads, also the title of the exhibition, as it so happens. A tent camp for an elephant, jewels for a Byzantine princess, a shield for a Viking, a quill for a scholar, shoes for a pilgrim and a tattoo for a parrot (ok, that last bit is not really true).


Drop in workshops for children aged 4 -12 and their parents

A tent for the elephant Abul-Abbas
When you travel, you take your home with you: a few sticks and a piece of cloth, all you need to build an amazing tent!

Jewelry for Theophania
Materials also travelled: precious stones and shiny glass to make beautiful jewelry. A little something valuable for us/you...

A shield for Ohthere
Join the army and see the world! Before leaving, make yourself a (mini) shield.

A scriptorium for Hasdaï ibn Shaprut
He who writes, travels. Shake out your wrists and become a scribe so that people all around the world can enjoy your tales!

Shoes for Egeria
Are we travelling by plane? By train? By car maybe? No! We're going on foot (so much for our shoes!).

A tattoo for Olympiodorus (' parrot)
Wherever you go and whoever you meet, just be yourself. A little paint on your skin might help.

The Compagnons du cerf will be demonstrating Viking-style combat (11.00, 14.00 & 15.00), shield painting and the use of a glasspearl oven. Find out more about Viking armour and how they built and furnished tents.

Cozy book nook
For the little and not-so-little book lovers.

A soup bar
For alphabet lovers!


in collaboration with Les compagnons du cerf



Su 17-11-2019
10:30 - 17:00

4 – 18 years: €12 (workshops, visit collections + exhibition Crossroads)
+18 years: €10 (visit collections) / €20 (visit collections + exhibition Crossroads)

02/741 72 14