Family day: can alpacas climb stairs?
Sun 20-01-2019

This January, join us in a celebration of Peruvian culture. Sensational weavings, intricate metalwork, beautiful pottery and … alpacas! The people from Peru and their ancestors used llama and alpaca wool in their impressive fabrics so we too decided to go a little alpaca-crazy… Especially since there will be three real live alpacas IN the museum!

Drop-in workshops for children aged 4 – 10 years and their parents:

  • O I love your hair! Of course, I just visited the alpaca-hairsalon
  • Make an alpaca dance to the sweet sounds of your handcrafted pan flute
  • Create an impressive alpaca mask and decorate it with cute pompoms and tassels
  • Imagine a brand new weaving pattern on grid paper: pixelart!
  • Or dive right in with our weaving cards: great result guaranteed
  • Dazzle an alpaca with your huge ear disks: do you prefer lots of colour, or gold plated?

Smaller brothers and sisters can practice their skills in the weaving nest (alpaca nest? No, that’s a little too silly).

Stretch out on the carpet and read a book together, the book corner is right next to Bar Inca where you can get a glass of juice and a biscuit.


Su 20.01.2019
10:30 - 17:30


Online here

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