Halle Gate

Although thousands of people pass every day close to this remaining part of the second surrounding wall of Brussels, along the "petite ceinture" between the Place Louise and the Midi Station, very few of them are conscious of its eventful history. This fairytale monument, more than 600 years old is in fact the most remarkable witness of the City's medieval past. After renovation work, the Halle Gate houses now a permanent presentation dedicated to the medieval City of Brussels. Don't hesitate to come and learn the history of the building and of City life in the Middle Ages, and at the same time admire the most important items of this rich past !

Coronavirus: Museum closed

In view of the Federal government protective measures against the COVID-19 virus (coronavirus), the Royal Museums of Art and History (mim, Art & History Museum and Halle Gate) will close their doors to the public from Saturday, March 14 to at least April 21, 2020. We will keep you informed of any developments in this matter.

Our ticket office will only stay available through email:

In view of the measures, we are also not able at the moment to confirm upcoming activities and events at the museum. Thank you for your understanding.

Gezien de huidige maatregelen kunnen we momenteel ook geen garantie geven over het al dan niet plaatsvinden van toekomstige activiteiten en events in onze musea. We danken u voor uw begrip.