Figurine of a lizard from a tumulus

Figurine of a lizard from a tumulus
Cortil-Noirmont, Belgium
3rd cent. CE
Rock crystal; L. 10,5 cm
Inv. B.000501

Some opulent women’s tombs in the Rhine-Meuse region contain luxurious jewellery and figures sculpted in precious materials that were considered magical or therapeutic in ancient times. The tomb at Cortil-Noirmont yiedeld a ring and a figurine of a lizard in rock crystal, along with three amber objects: a carving of a seashell, a necklace and a brooch. The lizard, whose alert pose has been deftly rendered, is fashioned from a single piece of very pure hyaline quartz, symbolizing the eternal ice that would protect the deceased when crossing the Pyriphlegethon, the flaming river of Hades.


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