PAST: Little Soldiers of the Great War

Fri 03-04-2015 - Sun 31-01-2016

(c) J.J. Sérol/Glénat/P. Herman

In August 1914, both the military leaders and the civil populations of the countries at war thought the conflict would be “short and sweet”.   Toy manufacturers were quick to react and launched a series of toys reflecting  these events.  But the war did not end in 1914 …

The centenary  of World War I is being commemorated in 2014-2018.  The exhibition “Little Soldiers of the Great War” traces the conflict through contemporary children’s toys.  In 1914 a real war culture developed, one aspect of which was the large number of children’s toys and illustrations produced.  The more than 1000 objects in the exhibition,  the majority coming from a private collection, give a unique insight into this important period of the 20th century.

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