PAST: Immortal Princes

Splendour of the Etruscan aristocracy in Vulci
Wed 08-10-2014 - Wed 11-02-2015
The exhibition is prolonged until 11-02-2015!

Etruscan cities still have many fascinating secrets to reveal. This exhibition presents the remarkable discoveries made during excavations at the Osteria necropolis in 2013. Under a tumulus, in one of the funerary chambers, archaeologists uncovered two silver hands with gilded nails. These exceptional objects must have belonged to a composite monumental statue. Beads of gold, amber, glass and faience as well as other metal ornaments were also discovered in the same tomb and must have been sown on to clothes or strung as necklaces to adorn the dead. A ceremonial chariot was also buried under the tumulus, an additional sign of the high status of the deceased. A faience scarab decorated with the cartouche of a pharaoh is an exceptional testimony to the taste of the Etruscan elite for objects imported from all over the Mediterranean.