Lithic Impressions

From stone to ink paper
Tue 07-05-2019 - Fri 31-05-2019

Lithic Impressions: From Stone to Ink on Paper is an itinerant project exploring the technique of full scale replication by rubbing. Rubbings are obtained by applying wet paper on textured surfaces. When almost dry, the paper is dabbed in ink.

Steles and epigraphy, but also pictorial carvings, are reproduced, diffused and transmitted through rubbings. Material culture is turned into ink on paper, and it is reborn to a literary life. In the visual arts of Ancient China, rubbing , collecting, travelling are part of the same toolkit as calligraphy, landscape painting and seal carving.

At the occasion of Lithic Impressions, 37 students and teachers in graphic design and illustration from the école supérieure des Arts St-Luc and 11 students and teachers in Chinese painting and calligraphy from the Institut belge des hautes études chinoises were given four days in Mount Tai (Taishan) and its surroundings to produce their own compilation of rubbings. Mount Tai, a center of political, religious and artistic expression where generations of emperors and literati have left their mark, allowed the participants to throw and encyclopedic eye on Chinese lithic heritage. They were left free to integrate all dimensions of their in situ perception and their understanding of the Chinese calligraphy and landscape painting, mixing rubbing and brushwork techniques. The workshop was jointly organized with Taishan University, Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and Renmin University of China.

On the occasion of INK Brussels 2019, a thousand years of epigraphy from the collection of Eastern Han funerary stone slabs, medieval Buddhist steles and Tang epitaphs on display at the Royal Museums of Art and History are presented in dialogue with an experiment in contemporary rubbings in ink on paper.



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