Travelling through Middle Ages
Fri 27-09-2019 - Sun 29-03-2020

After Amsterdam, Bonn and Athens, the Art & History Museum Brussels will show this wide variety of unique and exceptional objects presenting different materials and techniques from all over Europe from the period popularly known as ‘The Dark Ages’.

People migrating over long distances, new political structures, climate change, religious conflicts, shifting markets, ... The turbulent times of Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages (c. 300-1000) show more similarities with our modern world than we might think. In Western Europe, this period is often referred to as the 'Dark Ages'. Numerous historical sources and artefacts prove however that there were many exchanges and contacts during this period: travel, trade, diplomacy and armed conflict... Diverse artefacts, going from Merovingian jewellery to parchment manuscripts with Runes and from golden coins from Byzantine Emperors to Coptic textiles with stunning colours and motifs, reveal this cultural exchange.


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