Drinking horn

Drinking horn
Brussels (?) (Belgium)
Late 6th - early 7th cent. CE
Blown glass, glass paste applications; 20.3 x 37 cm

In the early Middle Ages, people were buried with various grave goods. This drinking horn, acquired by the museum in 2010, is probably from the cemetery of Anderlecht, where it was unearthed during early excavations. Its previous owner discovered it as a child in the attic of his grandfather, a Brussels notary.
A greenish yellow, heightened with a net pattern and three rings, all bluish green, it is distinctive for its large size. Related to similar net-decorated horns form Lombardy, it could nonetheless be a local product. Intact ancient or medieval glass drinking horns are quite rare.

Discover this masterpiece in the museum, on the online museum catalogue Carmentis, in the book Masterpieces of the Cinquantenaire Museum. This masterpiece also is one of the #100masters!