Drinking cup

Drinking cup, potted by Sotades and painted by the Sotades Painter
Athens (Greece)
Classical  period, about 460 BCE
Pottery ; D. 12,7 cm

This cup was discovered in Athens in 1890 in a tomb containing a fine group of ten vases, all signed by or attributed to two close collaborators, the potters Sotades and Hegesiboulos. They attest to prodigious skill. Besides the extreme thinness of the walls and the crispness of their profiles, the cups present original details such as wishbone-shaped handles. Their decoration was executed by the Sotades Painter, so named because of his collaboration with the potter Sotades. His delicate designs, painted on a light background and sometimes heightened with colour, represent young women, as here, or unusual mythological scenes. The wide white or red borders create an unexepected shimmering effect. This group of refined vases was an offering appropriate for the tomb of a young wife, perhaps one who died in childbirth.


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