Competition Oceania - The result

Dear participants of the Oceania competition,

We offered you the chance to win 2 return air tickets to Tahiti, kindly donated by the airline Air Tahiti Nui.
You can find the result here. The winner was contacted on Thursday 3 May 2018.

  1. What is the current name of Melanesia? Near Oceania
  2. In New-Zealand, who is Poutini? A spirit who is embodied in nephrite (green rock, or jade)
  3. On which ship did Louis-Antoine de Bougainville circumnavigate the world? The Boudeuse
  4. What is the capital of the Fiji Islands ? Suva
  5. Who was the first European to discover the Marquesas islands? Álvaro de Mendaña
  6. Which Belgian sculptor created a bust of Henri Lavachery ? Nat Neujean
  7. From Tahiti, how many destinations does the airline Air Tahiti Nui fly to non-stop? 8
  8. In New Caledonia, what is a « tale »? The guardian of a house
  9. In what year did Fernand de Magellan embark on the first circumnavigation of the globe in the history of humanity? 1519
  10. What is the capital of French Polynesia ? Papeete
  11. Additional question

    How many visitors will attend the Oceania exhibition between its opening on 26 October 2017 and its closure on 29 April 2018? 29.333 individuals

Thank you for your participation!