Cinquantenaire Museum

Step inside this historic building, one of the biggest museums in Belgium and erected by former Belgian King Leopold II. Discover a wealth of artefacts from prehistoric times over antiquity and the European applied arts to a vast collection of non-European art.

Explore what's on, including interesting temporary exhibitions, lectures and various other activities.

Unfortunately, the website does not extend to giving you a full viewing of our collection, comprising thousands of art treasures and historical objects. However, we hope that you will come and visit us and enjoy discovering or rediscovering the immense heritage that we manage and display. To us, indeed, art and history are not dead and dusty subjects, but very much alive and a constant scource of insiration and enjoyment.

Enjoy your visit in the Brussels Cinquantenaire Museum!

The hall with the mummies and sarcophagi is currently closed to prepare a new setting (to be opened in the spring of 2016). You can, however, still discover our natural mummy in the hall of the Coptic period (Egypt). You can also explore in detail the funerary world of Ancient Egypt from October 15 at the exhibition Sarcophagi.

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