Bedspread depicting Archduke Albert and Isabella

Bedspread depicting Archduke Albert and Isabella
Brabant (Belgium)
About 1599
Lace ; 133 x 173 cm

This bobbin-lace bedspread was probably presented to Archduke Albert and Isabella in 1599 on the occasion of their marriage and installation as the Duke and Duchess of Brabant. Some of the 120 squares portray the couple and the ruling families related to them. Others depict subjects drawn from the Ommegang, a sacred and profane pageant whose floats represented a summary of popular life in the Duchy of Brabant. At that time, the lace industry, still in its infancy, was limited to braided geometric patterns. The variety of themes represented here - and the technical innovations that consequently had to be implemented - make this bedspread an exceptional piece. It foreshadows the perfection and originality of a regional industry whose reputation remained strong until the dawn of the 20th century. 

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