Athena Plus

AthenaPlus is a best practice network project that was set up in the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) of the European Commission. AthenaPlus wants to stimulate accessibility of European cultural heritage by developing tools and standards that simplify and harmonise the digitization of cultural heritage.
The AthenaPlus project started in March 2013 and ends in August 2015. The project is supported by 40 partners (museums, libraries, archives and galleries) from 21 European countries.
The project consists of multiple work packages (WPs):

WP1: Project management and coordination
WP-leader: ICCU, Italy

WP2 : Coordination of content and standards
WP-leader: ICCU, Italy

WP3 : Platform for metadata aggregation and delivery to Europeana
WP-leader: NTUA, Greece

WP4: Terminologies and semantic enrichment
WP-leader: KMKG-MRAH, Belgium

WP5: Creative applications for the re-use of cultural resources
WP-leader: M.E.T.A., Italy

WP6: Pilots for testing the creative use of cultural contents
WP-leader: i2Cat, Spain

WP7: Awareness and dissemination
WP-leader: PSK, Germany

The MRAH-KMKG is work package leader of WP4 and is supported in this task by the Ministry of Culture and Communication of France and the University of Savoie. One of the most important tasks in this work package is the registry of thesauri used by European cultural organizations, such as the “object name thesaurus” used in the KMKG-MRAH and the “category thesaurus” of the National Museum of Sweden. The thesauri are collected in the Terminology Management Platform or TMP. Using this tool, terms from different thesauri can be interlinked and exported in a format which allows semantic enrichment of the web. By mapping individual terms from various thesauri, scattered information on the web will be linked and search results will be more precise and useful.

More information:
- Fact sheet (PDF)
- Official site of the AthenaPlus project:
- Infocol: +32 (0)2 741 76 44 /