Arts of Asia - Special 250th Edition

The collections of the RMAH

Arts of Asia, Special 250th Edition, The Collections of the Royal Museums of Art and History, Magazine, Hong Kong, 2012, 164 p.

Extract of the Editorial
"We also spent a delightful afternoon, thirty-three years ago, at the Asian sections of the Royal Museums of Art and History [...]. The largest national museum of Belgium, the collection is held in a classical columned building. The museum possesses an excellent decorative section on the Indonesian shadow plays. Then, surprise, a whole room devoted to Vietnamese ceramics and bronzes, collected between 1912 and 1938 by the Belgian businessman Clément Huet (1874-1951) during the time he lived and worked in the north of Vietnam (see the article on pages 94-103, "The Passion of a Collector : The Vietnamese Collection of the RMAH" by Miriam Lambrecht, Head of Section, Curator of the Collection of India and Southeast Asia at RMAH). I was particularly impressed with the display of bronze drums from my birthplace of Vietnam. So as a Vietnamese, it is my pleasure that the Asian collections of the RMAH are covered in this Special 250th Edition of Arts of Asia. I am also delighted that we feature two fascinating articles on the Musical Instrument Museum (MIM), which houses one of the largest collections of musical instruments in the world (over 7000 instruments)."

pages 49-60 From curiosa to Museum : the Southeast Asian collection  of the RMAH, Miriam Lambrecht

pages 61-73 A king's dream : the Museums of the Far East and their collections, Nathalie Vandeperre

pages 74-82 Fascinating instruments of the Emerald belt : the Indonesian collection of the MIM, Stéphanie Weisser

pages 83-93 Collecting the Far East : Chinese, Korean and Japanese Art in the RMAH, Nathalie Vandeperre

pages 94-103 The passion of a collector : the Vietnamese collection of the RMAH, Miriam Lambrecht

pages 104-111 Richness, inventiveness and variety : East Asia in the MIM, Claire Chantrenne

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